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  • We don't like cheaters and teams not completing their own tasks! My family, extended family and friends gather for dinner & fun at our house every Sunday. We always watch The Amazing Race before everyone heads home to prepare for another week of work...

    Yes, we love the Cowboys. We understand the U-Turn the Cowboys received -- that is not the issue and is well within the rules...and was a very strategic move.

    However, EVERY team, with the excption of the Cowboys, did cheat in tonight's episode in some way by each team either sharing information &/or not completing their individual task by using information that had been shared. Yes they made the trip, but they did not need to worry about the distance since they were given the information by another team. No team incurred a penalty for cheating... They all told each other the correct answer of 22 km with the exceptions of the Cowboys... Had the other teams been forced to do their own task would the outcome have been the same? Every team should have to complete the tasks without being handed the correct answer by another team. So yes, we feel the cheating tonight did change the outcome of the game. We just knew the teams would all face a penalty for cheating at the check-in!

    We are so tired of the cheating and teams not carrying their own weight if they can cheat. Is it worth it to keep watching? We are all leaning towards not finishing out the season and finding something else to fill that time... Oh so sad!

    We are sad to see the Cowboys go... but they have not been the first, nor we are afraid will they be the last unless there is a rule/penalty put into place.
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    Posted: Apr 24 2011, 5:02 PM EDT by BCE78
  • Unwritten Rules This page was created to record all the rules that are mentioned on The Amazing Race , but are not written anywhere. Let's start collecting them here: Speeding: If a team speeds while driving a car, they will receive a time penalty. (I thi
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    Last updated: Mar 19 2011, 9:01 PM EDT by Theamazingracer21
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