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  • We don't like cheaters and teams not completing their own tasks! My family, extended family and friends gather for dinner & fun at our house every Sunday. We always watch The Amazing Race before everyone heads home to prepare for another week of work...

    Yes, we love the Cowboys. We understand the U-Turn the Cowboys received -- that is not the issue and is well within the rules...and was a very strategic move.

    However, EVERY team, with the excption of the Cowboys, did cheat in tonight's episode in some way by each team either sharing information &/or not completing their individual task by using information that had been shared. Yes they made the trip, but they did not need to worry about the distance since they were given the information by another team. No team incurred a penalty for cheating... They all told each other the correct answer of 22 km with the exceptions of the Cowboys... Had the other teams been forced to do their own task would the outcome have been the same? Every team should have to complete the tasks without being handed the correct answer by another team. So yes, we feel the cheating tonight did change the outcome of the game. We just knew the teams would all face a penalty for cheating at the check-in!

    We are so tired of the cheating and teams not carrying their own weight if they can cheat. Is it worth it to keep watching? We are all leaning towards not finishing out the season and finding something else to fill that time... Oh so sad!

    We are sad to see the Cowboys go... but they have not been the first, nor we are afraid will they be the last unless there is a rule/penalty put into place.
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    Posted: Apr 24 2011, 5:02 PM EDT by BCE78
  • i have an idea like the U-turn team incounter the quickstep
    that is effact team must complete the detour or roadblock within a predetermin amount of time
    if they failed they incur 2-hour time penalty at the pit stop
    time limit of the quickstep is on the quickstep sine(i.e 30min quickstep:they must complete the task within 30min to avoid the penalty) how about this?
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    Posted: Mar 24 2011, 7:30 PM EDT by jinbam
  • About U Turn and Yeild It's so sad when most teams with U Turn or Yeild all got eliminated. I think we should fix this rule:
    1. If there's a Yeild or U Turn. Please make it a non-el round.
    2. I'm making a race in my city for my students to join in. I replace "Yeild" with "Barrier". The sooner team come can use the Barrier. Once the Barrier used, all other later teams will be penalized. They must stop for a while or find another way to get to the clue not passing the Barrier.
    3. In the race I make, I have a part called "Traffic Light". It's somehow like Yeild. For example, when you come to it from xx:00 to xx:15, it's green light, you can go on. If from xx:15-xx:30, yellow light, you have to stop for 10 minutes. If you come from xx:30 to xx+1:00, it's red light, you must stop and until the next green light.
    4. In my race, you can meet a special clue. You can choose to take that clue instead of the usual clues but that's risky, sometimes it's an "accident" (an extra task that only you must perform) or a "fortune" (an extra sum of money.
    That's it. Hope you consider about my ideas :))
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    Posted: Mar 11 2011, 5:17 AM EST by kielvn
  • Improvement I think as a non elimination the team is to have 1 person complete one side of the detour and the other complete the other side.
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    Posted: Dec 12 2010, 9:25 PM EST by aran008
  • Ideas.. So, I am thinking on ways to improve an all ready wonderfully fun show.. Hard . But, I did think of a few ideas.. So 1st is to have like 25 contestants come to the show. At the beginning put a twist in it that the partners are chosen at random. Draw names from a bag, spin on a wheel etc. Then somewhere in the show as a "road fork" or something have a chance to change any set of competitors. They have to wait till the other comes to the location.
    The second thought is to have a :get out of jail for speeding" card. Place it in one of the envelopes when they take a clue. ( it may be used in a few rounds) This allows them to come to the pit stop and if they feel they are behind in the leg or last to use it to save themselves from elimination. If it is a non elim round they just lose out, if they are not last they lose out. If they chose not to use it and are not last they keep with them till the feel they need to use it. Of course the final leg would be not included in this.
    I do think they need to broaden the horizon on the places that are being visited. Of course I am sure there is some safety issues right now along with laws. But, if possible consider it.
    I do think the 1st leg should be some type of non elim round. However, just to have it for sake of letting more continue on would not be fare. So, maybe make it one that is a continuous round. Like two legs in one. What about having an all woman season. Or all mother daughter/father son season. he final leg should be a lot of different tasks possibly back track to the places that were visited and do the other tasks. Then back to the US. Or just more tasks to complete. Like 5 or so instead of 3. This to me would make it way more exciting and close. What about having something at a pit stop where its declared a "disaster area" which means they have to complete a task in order to tell which order they leave in the am.? doesnt have to be every round.

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    Posted: Feb 13 2010, 4:20 PM EST by ashewal
  • THIS WIKI INFLUENCED THE SHOW!!! LOOK AT THE SUGGESTION ON THE VERY BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE. I was moving all of the suggestions off of the main page and into little sub categories when I came across it! I'm trying to figure out who's idea it was right now!
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    Posted: May 9 2008, 4:16 AM EDT by FloZa
  • Rule Improvements Think you have a good idea about how the producers could change the rules of the show? Add it here! More tasks like the infamous U-Turn or Intersection? More penalties? The possibilities are endless!
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    Last updated: Mar 19 2011, 8:33 PM EDT by Theamazingracer21
  • Unwritten Rules This page was created to record all the rules that are mentioned on The Amazing Race , but are not written anywhere. Let's start collecting them here: Speeding: If a team speeds while driving a car, they will receive a time penalty. (I thi
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    Last updated: Mar 19 2011, 9:01 PM EDT by Theamazingracer21
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