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This page was created to record all the rules that are mentioned on The Amazing Race, but are not written anywhere. Let's start collecting them here:
Speeding: If a team speeds while driving a car, they will receive a time penalty. (I think this one is specified, especially if it is mandated by local laws or if it is deemed unsafe to do so.)

Both Members: When getting a clue (either from a clue box or after a Road Block/Detour), both members of the team must be present in order to open the next clue. (NOTE: We know BOTH have to be "present," but "standing next to each other & both reading the clue" is NOT necessarily required, it seems! We all have seen that, at times, while one reads the clue, the other is a few feet away in the water, in the boat, getting out of a wetsuit, taking off some kind of gear, etc... On the other hand, it seems that the partner's "presence" doesn't seem to be required, either. On TAR 6, Leg 9, when the teams were in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Kris & Victoria did the Roadblock for their teams - matching a pendant with one that a worshipper had. When they found the match to their pendants & received their clues, they opened them right then & there, not waiting to get back to their partners, Jon & Jonathan.) When stated, teams do not have to read the clue together.

A. In order to check-in at the pit-stop, the team must have in its possession all the clues that have been given to them during the leg of the race. If they don't, they must retrieve the missing clue before checking-in. (NOTE: I'm not sure this is required. Case in point, TAR 1, Leg 10 - Because of the Hours of Operation, Kevin & Drew had to stay the night at "Sea, Land and Trek" when they were in Thailand. It was raining hard, and, when they got there, they saw 2 soaking-wet Route Marker envelopes in the trash. From that, they knew they were in 3rd place at that point. In TAR 2, Leg 13 - Tara & Wil lost their clue in Hawaii & they didn't know exactly where they had to go once they got to Arkansas. They just remembered "Rust's something" & told their pilot to follow Chris & Alex's plane. In TAR 8, Leg 1 - Mrs. Paolo lost their clue when they left Belmont Plateau in Pennsylvania where teams spent the night in tents.)

I think Phil makes the teams "go back & get the clue" they missed because, most likely, it's a requirement that they "see & read" it. If they lose it later or if it is torn up and illegible, it doesn't seem to matter anymore. (E.g. TAR 10, Dustin and Kandice's route marker was totally wet and soaked after doing the detour. However, they managed to get back on the boat and go to the pitstop).

B. Each team is allowed only one Clue per Route Marker. Otherwise, they will incur a 30-minute time penalty. (E.G.: TAR 6, Leg 2 - Freddy lost their clue, then, went back to the box & took another one. They then incurred a 30-minute penalty later on at the Pit Stop.)

Road Block:
A. Upon getting the envelope, a question or a statement gives the team a hint as to what the task will be. They, then, must decide who will be doing the Road Block before opening the clue to see what exactly they have to do. Once they have decided, they cannot change their mind -- the chosen person has to do the task, or the team will receive a 4-hour time penalty. However, the clock will not start until the next team arrives. (Ex.: TAR 7, Leg 3 - When Rob quit the 4-lb "cow meal," his clock didn't start until Ray & Deana arrived; and, Deana's & Meredith's clocks didn't start until Susan & Patrick arrived.) On most international versons of tar the roadblock penalty is counted at the pit stop(like any normal penalty) ,unless it is the first half of a super leg or the last leg( both,natsha and hussain,tara 4)

B. When a teammate is doing the Road Block, his/her partner is allowed to give verbal assistance, but not physically assist.

C. If a team quits a roablock task (or, consciously "choose not to do" one) they will recieve a 4-hour penalty.
(E.G.: TARA 1, Leg 3 - 5 out of 9 teams could not find the wooden surfboard in the sand and they all quit the roadblock)

Detour: If teams quit a Detour task (or, consciously "choose not to do" one), they will receive a 24-hour penalty. So far, only one team has ever "chosen not to do a Detour task." (Ex: TAR 1, Leg 9 - Nancy & Emily gave up looking for a van after 2 hours & went straight to the RB. At the pit stop, they were eliminated after Joe & Bill arrived! They technically arrived in 4th place and Joe & Bill arrived in 5th (last). Joe & Bill were supposed to be eliminated, but because of Nancy & Emily's 24-hour penalty, Joe & Bill were told they were "still in the race," while Nancy & Emily were being sent home. Joe & Bill were both SHOCKED, thinking they were already "goners.")

Hindering or Impeding: No person or team is allowed to get in the way or prevent other teams from proceeding with what they have to do in the Race, except when choosing to use the Yield on them, which is part of the game. Otherwise, a 30-minute time penalty will be imposed. (E.G.: TAR 6, Leg 2 - After the Detour, Don & Mary Jean drove off in Adam & Rebecca's van by mistake, on their way to the Pit Stop. When they realized this, they went back and gave it back to A&R, but they still incurred the 30-minute penalty.)

Getting to a Pit Stop or a Clue Box: If a clue says to "walk" or to "take a bus" or any other specific transportation to any clue box, Detour, Roadblock or Pit Stop, the team must use this specific mode of transportation or they will incur a 30-minute penalty + the exact time gained. (E.G.: TAR3, Leg 4 - Heather & Eve took a cab to the Pit Stop & gained 7 mins = got a 37-min penalty; TAR4, Leg 11- Reichen & Chip drove to the Pit Stop & gained 5 mins = got a 35-min penalty.)

Settling A Bill: When paying for something such as a cab ride, teams cannot pay them with items of their own. If they do they will get a 2 hour penalty. This rule was added on TAR 14 since on TAR 13 team Dan & Andrew did it and got away with it, but on TAR 14 Mark & Michael did it twice and incurred a 4 hour penalty.

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