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  • Most all-female teams in a single season (4)
  • Most Parent/Child teams in a single season (3)
  • First season without a married couple
  • Kevin is the youngest contestant to compete on The Amazing Race (excluding Family Edition) (later surpassed by Zac in season 19)
  • For the first time, teams will travel to: Bangladesh, Ghana and the Arctic Circle.
  • First season to introduce the Express Pass, which allows a team to skip a challenge once at any point during the first 8 legs
  • First time that Leg 3 is a Non-Elimination Leg
  • Jill & Thomas are the first team to use the Express Pass (Leg 4)
  • First time that a team (Michael & Kevin) had to complete a Speed Bump on Leg 4
  • First time that 2 of the first 6 legs are non-elimination legs
  • Nick & Vicki are the first team to not need a speed bump despite coming in last on leg 6.
  • First team to change their relationship status during the Race (Chad & Stephanie - Engaged)
  • A double U-Turn was introduced in Leg 9.
  • Jill & Thomas and Nat & Kat are the first two team to use the Double U-turn.
  • Brook & Claire and Chad & Stephanie are the first two team to be U-Turned on the same Leg
  • First team not to hit last place after being U-Turned (Brook & Claire).
  • First Season that two female teams made to the Final 3 since Season 11.
  • Brook & Claire and Nat & Kat become the 5th and 6th all-female teams respectively to made to the Final 3.
  • Nick & Vicki are the second team to finish in last place on two non-elimination legs and one elimination leg
  • Nat & Kat are the first All-Female team EVER to win the Amazing Race
  • Brook & Claire are the first team to make the Final 3 after being U-Turned
  • Nat & Kat are the first All-Female team to win 5 Legs in a season
  • Nat & Kat are the first ever All-female team to win The Amazing Race!
  • Third consecutive season where the team that took the only Fast Forward in the season ended up winning the season
  • Jill & Thomas won the first leg and won an Express Pass.
  • Claire finished the Roadblock after being hit in the face with a watermelon, Brook & Claire finished 4th.
  • Brook & Claire won the second leg.
  • Michael impressing Kevin during the Roadblock in Leg 2.
  • Leg 3 was a non-elimination leg; Michael & Kevin will need to complete a Speed-Bump in Leg 4.
  • Connor & Jonathan won the 3rd leg.
  • Gary & Mallory jumped from last place to 2nd place on Leg 3.
  • Nat & Kat escaped elimination in leg 3
  • Nat & Kat, Gary & Mallory, Michael & Kevin, Brook & Claire managed to booked on an earlier connecting flight in Germany, giving them a 2 hour advantage ahead of the other five teams.
  • Nat & Kat able to beat the time of the sled and came in first place.
  • Jill & Thomas strategically using the Express Pass and jumped from last to 5th.
  • Nat & Kat use the Fast Forward in Leg 5 to come in first for the Second time in a row.
  • Jill & Thomas won Leg 6.
  • Nick & Vicki were saved by a non-elimination Leg on Leg 6.
  • Nick & Vicki not needing to complete a Speed Bump in Leg 7, letting them clinch to a safe position.
  • Brook & Claire noticed that they had to go by foot to the Church on Spilled Blood before arriving, allowing them to escape a 30-min penalty.
  • Nat & Kat won their 3 Leg after finishing first on Leg 7.
  • Nat & Kat dropped to 5th place after their 3rd first place finish.
  • Chad proposed to Stephanie in Muscat, Oman, who accepted, and presented her with his mother's engagement ring.
  • Chad & Stephanie went from last to first on Leg 8
  • Jill & Thomas had a 7 hour lead on Leg 9 and ultimately came in 1st.
  • Brook & Claire recovered their U-turn and manage to stay in the race.
  • Nat & Kat won their 4th leg by beating Jill & Thomas in a taxi race.
  • Leg 10 was a Non Elimination Leg, Nick & Vicki begin Leg 11 with a 6-hour penalty for not completing the Detour and also have to complete a Speed Bump.
  • Jill & Thomas won their 4th Leg with their Leg 11 victory.
  • Nat & Kat winning The Amazing Race 17!
  • Claire got hit in the face with a watermelon,but did not have any injuries.
  • Ron & Tony got very lost which ultimately led to their elimination.
  • Chad & Stephanie lost a 2 place advantage checking in when they wandered around Eastnor Castle looking for the pit stop.
  • Gary & Mallory's taxi stopped working and they had to switch taxis, putting them temporarily in last place.
  • Andie & Jenna's taxi driver got lost on the way to the Detour which led to their elimination.
  • Michael struggled with the heat and Bicycle Parts detour. He required medical attention, but eventually completed the task.
  • Nick threw a temper tantrum during the Road Block and he was rude/yelling at Vicki for making a simple mistake, then for his own failure to do the task right the first time.
  • Nat & Kat's taxi driver got them really lost which put them in last place for most of the leg. They were able to recover and catch up, but came in 8th place.
  • Chad & Stephanie,Connor & Jonathan and Katie & Rachel were having difficulties to control the sled forcing them to switch detour.
  • Connor & Jonathan falling from 1st to last and were eliminated in leg 4. Connor & Jonathan were unable to catch up with Katie & Rachel which led them to elimination.
  • Chad was unsupportive and yelling at Stephanie while she struggled with the Sleds task.
  • Katie & Rachel couldn't make up the time they lost on the previous leg which led to their elimination.
  • Nick & Vicki struggled with the Detour which led to them finishing in last place.
  • Michael & Kevin arrive at pit stop in 6th place but occur 2 penalties resulting in their elimination.
  • Chad & Stephanie arrived at the Pit Stop in 6th place but incurred a time penalty for failing to follow instructions. They also had to pay their taxi driver and get their bags before they could be checked in.
  • Jill & Thomas arrive 1st to the Pit Stop but they incur a 30 minute penalty for breaking the rules. They paid a taxi driver to lead them to the Pit Stop, which is against rules.
  • Gary & Mallory got lost, along with Nat & Kat heading to the Road Block. While they do catch-up to each other, Gary & Mallory end up in last place and get eliminated.
  • Chad & Stephanie were 2 hours late to depart as they overslept.
  • Leaving the Road Block, Nick & Vicki were upset to discover they had a tire on their SUV losing air. They were more upset over losing their 3rd place position to Brook & Claire, however, they were able to get ahead at the Detour and checked in at the Pit Stop in 3rd place - Brook & Claire were in 4th place.
  • In Leg 9 Brook & Claire were U-turned by Jill & Thomas but recovered and placed 4th.
  • Chad & Stephanie were U-turned by Nat & Kat, and lost the footrace to Brook & Claire, which ultimately caused their elimination.
  • Claire and Vicki vomited at the roadblock.
  • After giving Vicki a hard time for missing the first ferry due to her asthma, Nick gave up on the Detour and and opted to take the 6-hour penalty in the next leg. Vicki was willing to continue but Nick wasn't.
  • Brook & Claire incurred a 30-min penalty in leg 11 for taking a taxi instead of going either by foot or by taking the subway, causing them to fall from 1st to 2nd.
  • Nick and Vicki's 6 hour penalty cost them to miss the first flight out to South Korea. This put them 9 hours behind the top three teams and they weren't able to recover, hence causing them to be eliminated from the race in this Leg.
  • Jill & Thomas got a bad taxi driver in the final leg.
Amazing Race: Season 16 - The  Amazing Race

Amazing Race: Season 17 - The Amazing Race

Andie & Jenna
Biological Mother / Daughter
Amazing Race: Season 17 - The Amazing Race

Brook & Claire
Best Friends / Home Shopping Co-Hosts
Chad & Stephanie

Chad & Stephanie
Connor & Jonathon

Connor & Jonathon
Best Friends
Gary & Mallory

Gary & Mallory
Father / Daughter
Amazing Race: Season 17 - The Amazing Race

Jill & Thomas
Amazing Race: Season 17 - The Amazing Race

Katie & Rachel
Friends / Beach Volleyball Partners
Amazing Race: Season 17 - The Amazing Race

Michael & Kevin
Father / Son
Nat & Kat

Nat & Kat
Doctors / Best Friends
Nick & Vicki

Nick & Vicki
Ron & Tony

Ron & Tony
Best Friends

The Amazing Race  16
The Amazing Race 17 is the seventeenth installment of the reality television show The Amazing Race. The premiere date was Sunday, September 26, 2010 with a 90-minute special from 8:30 - 10:00 PM EST.


Amazing Race: Season 17 - The Amazing Race
Final Placings
1st Place - Nat & Kat
2nd Place - Brook & Claire
3rd Place - Jill & Thomas
4th Place - Nick & Vicki
5th Place - Chad & Stephanie
6th Place - Gary & Mallory
7th Place - Michael & Kevin
8th Place - Katie & Rachel
9th Place - Connor & Jonathan
10th Place - Andie & Jenna
11th Place - Ron & Tony
Leg 1: Jill & Thomas: An Express Pass
Leg 2: Brook & Claire: 10 days Hawaiian vacation
Leg 3: Connor & Jonathon: $5,000 Dollars each
Leg 4: Nat & Kat: A trip for two to Belize
Leg 5: Nat & Kat: A trip for two to Costa Rica
Leg 6: Jill & Thomas: A trip for two to Sao Paolo, Brazil
Leg 7: Nat & Kat: $5,000 Dollars each
Leg 8: Chad & Stephanie: A trip for two to Belize
Leg 9: Jill & Thomas: $15,000 Discover Gift Card
Leg 10: Nat & Kat: A trip for two to Rio de Janeiro,Brazil
Leg 11: Jill & Thomas: trip for two to Iguazu, Argentina
Leg 12: Nat & Kat: US $1,000,000.00
Amazing Race: Season 16 - The Amazing  Race


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