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Summary: 11 of the most memorable Amazing Race Teams from seasons 1-10 compete against each other for another shot at the million bucks. But along the way 8 teams were eliminated: John Vito and Jill, Kevin and Drew, David and Mary, Rob and Amber, Teri and Ian, Joe and Bill, Uchenna and Joyce, Oswald and Danny. But 3 teams, Charla and Mirna, Dustin and Kandice, Eric and Danielle manged to avoid elimination. But in the end, Eric and Danielle won the million bucks, few minutes ahead of the disappointed all-female teams Dustin and Kandice who came in 2nd and Charla and Mirna who came in 3rd.

Which Team is the Best of the Best presents Which All Stars the Best
-Most Gay People in a season 4 Oswald and Danny, and Joe and Bill.
-Most women in the final three: 5 women and 1 man.
-Eric & Danielle are the first dating couple to win the Race in a major upset over the two all female teams!
-Rob and Amber won 3 Legs in a row on the first 3 legs.
-Dustin & Kandice won 6 times, the most for a female team.
-Danielle was Yielded the most times: 3 times.
-Rob and Amber went from being first three times in row on the first three legs to being eliminated on Leg 4.
-Dustin and Kandice finished second on the final leg which is the highest finish for an All-female team!
-Eric and Danielle were the first winners who never came in first on any other leg.
-Dustin & Kandice were the first team ever to buy a yield.
-4 new Countries were visited this season - Ecuador, Mozambique, Poland and Guam.
-2 new Cities were visited this season - Zanzibar and Macau
-Oswald & Danny are the first team to use the Fast Forward twice in one season.
-Tied with season 7 for most Legs in South America (4 legs)
Eric: We got Yielded again?

Oswald: I told you, less martinis and more cardio.

Charla: Beauty is sometimes skin deep.

Dustin: We're gonna see Chopin play the piano!
Kandice: Really?
Dustin: Well he's dead.

Eric: (in response to Dustin's vomiting): Ladies and Gentleman Miss California!

Oswald: Oh my god, the tellytubbies go to war.

Mirna: I'm sorry I'm wearing a bathing suit, it is very weird I know!
Good Situations:
1.Charla and Mirna went from 7th to 1st on Leg 5.
2. Eric and Danielle won no other leg before winning the final leg.
3.Dustin and Kandice won four legs in one season which is the most ever for an all female team.
4.Charla and Mirna beat Rob and Amber in footrace which made one of the most memorable footraces in TAR history.
Bad Situations:
1.Oswald and Danny Yield Eric & Danielle for money.
2.Rob and Amber went from being 1st three times in a row on the first three legs to being eliminated on Leg 4.
3.Eric and Danielle were yielded twice.
4.John Vito & Jill were hopelessly lost in Quito, Ecuador which led to their elimination.
5. Drew taking a painful fall in Leg 1.
6. Uchenna & Joyce missing their connecting flight in Frankfurt which led to their elimination.
Funny Situations:
-Charla and Mirna and Dustin and Kandice doing the sausage detour in Poland
-Joe(or was it Bill?) chasing after the plane to Poland
-Danielle picking up fish
-Noodle Detour
-Danny chasing Phil at the Pitstop on Leg 5
Season 11 Teams:
Kevin and Drew - Lifelong Friends (Season 1, 4th Place)
Oswald and Danny - Best Friends (Season 2, 4th Place)
John Vito and Jill - Formerly Dating (Season 5, 5th Place)
Uchenna and Joyce - Married
(Season 7, Winners)
David and Mary - Coalminer and Wife (Season 10, 6th Place)
Charla and Mirna - Cousins (Season 5, 6th Place)
Rob and Amber - Newlyweds (Season 7, 2nd Place)
Teri and Ian - Married Parents (Season 3, 2nd Place)
Eric and Danielle - Dating (Season 9, 2nd and 8th Place)
Joe and Bill - Life Partners (Season 1, 3rd Place)
Dustin and Kandice - Beauty Queens (Season 10, 4th Place)
Leg Winners:
Leg 1 - Rob & Amber
Leg 2 - Rob & Amber
Leg 3 - Rob & Amber
Leg 4 - Oswald & Danny
Leg 5 - Charla & Mirna
Leg 6 - Charla & Mirna
Leg 7 - Dustin & Kandice
Leg 8 - Uchenna & Joyce/Oswald & Danny(FF)
Leg 9 - Dustin & Kandice
Leg 10 - Oswald & Danny(FF)
Leg 11 - Dustin & Kandice
Leg 12 - Dustin & Kandice
Final - Eric & Danielle
Final Placing:
1st Place - Eric & Danielle
2nd Place - Dustin & Kandice
3rd Place - Charla & Mirna
4th Place - Oswald & Danny
5th Place - Uchenna & Joyce
6th Place - Joe & Bill
7th Place - Teri & Ian
8th Place - Rob & Amber
9th Place - David & Mary
10th Place - Kevin & Drew
11th Place - John Vito & Jill
Season 11 Episode Titles:
1. I told you less Martinis and more Cardio - Oswald
2. Beauty is sometimes Skin Deep - Charla
3. I'm sorry im wearing a bathing suit; it is very weird, i know - Mirna
4. No Babies on the Race - Jeremy and Dani season 9
5. You need to watch your Jokes, Guy - Joe
6. We're going to trade you for food now - Oswald
7. If i were in town, I'd ask you for your number - Oswald
8. The way you look, Yeh - A local saying it to Kandice
9. We are trying to make love, not war - Mirna
10. Good doing business with you - Dustin
11. Oh My God Teletubbies go to war - Oswald
12. Low to the ground, thats my technique - Charla
Leg 1 - A Trip to Canada
Leg 2 - An Off-Road Motorcycle each
Leg 3 - A Home Gym each
Leg 4 - A Trip to Maui
Leg 5 - A Trip to Aruba
Leg 6 - A 12 ft Catamaran each
Leg 7 - A Trip to Puerto-Rico
Leg 8 - A Trip to St. Lucia
Leg 9 - A Retro Scooter Each
Leg 10 - A Trip to Hong Kong
Leg 11 - A Yamaha Waverunner each
Leg 12 - An All-Terrain Vehicle each
Final - $1,000,000

Season 11 - Amazing Race John Vito and Jill
11th Place

Season 11 - Amazing Race
Season 11 - Amazing Race
Kevin and Drew
10th Place
Season 11 - Amazing Race
David and Mary
9th Place
Season 11 - Amazing Race
Eric and Danielle
1st Place
Season 11 - Amazing Race
Rob and Amber
8th Place
Season 11 - Amazing Race
Teri and Ian
7th Place
Season 11 - Amazing Race
Dustin and Kandice
2nd Place
Season 11 - Amazing Race
Joe and Bill
6th Place
Season 11 - Amazing Race
Uchenna and Joyce
5th Place
Season 11 - Amazing Race
Charla and Mirna
3rd Place
Season 11 - Amazing Race
Oswald and Danny
4th Place

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Speed_Bump Season 11 2 Mar 31 2015, 4:26 PM EDT by sillymoose13
Thread started: Mar 26 2015, 7:07 PM EDT  Watch
I've been sick the whole week so I have rwatched old episodes, including TAR11. This season was okay, nothing great but not too bad either. I hated the cast: I think Kevin & Drew and Mary & David were boring. They should've had better teams imo.

The destinations were pretty cool but I hated the fact the last legs were NELs. So predictable. Earlier NELs could have saved John Vito & Jill or Romber for example. And I think they had too many Hours of operations and other equalizers.

The Barbies were my favs again but I really started liking Rob & Amber, Oswald & Danny, Teri & Ian and even Charla & Mirna. I think teams had totally different ways to play the game which was fun to watch. I kind of miss the Yield. Unlike the U-Turn, it's usually right after an equalizer which causes a lot of drama. I hope they bring it back even though I love the U-Turn as well.
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TheRealLadyGaga Best teams in order. 3 Nov 1 2011, 6:24 AM EDT by Speed_Bump
Thread started: Oct 29 2011, 9:11 PM EDT  Watch
No, this is not a matter of opinion, if it was Eric & Danielle would be at the very bottom, with Rob & Amber in 10th.

1st: Dustin & Kandice
2nd: Rob & Amber
3rd: Oswald & Danny
4th: Charla & Mirna
5th: Eric & Danielle
6th: Uchenna & Joyce
7th: Teri & Ian
8th: Joe & Bill
9th: John Vito & Jill
10th: David & Mary
11th: Kevin & Drew
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onewhite Who has Season 11 in AVI format? 0 Feb 22 2010, 9:23 PM EST by onewhite
Thread started: Feb 22 2010, 9:23 PM EST  Watch

I have been trying to get ahold of this season for a while but can't seem to find it anywhere for download.
I have all the other seasons, except this one.

Does anyone have the AVI files for the whole season? Please message me! :)

Thank you,
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