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Margie & Luke

: Mother/Son

Age: 50


Clinical Research Associate

Denver, CO

Age: 22

College Graduate

Denver, CO

Team Bio

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Pit Stop Location

Ending Position

Stechelberg, Switzerland
Munich, Germany-Salzburg, Austria
Brasov, Romania
Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, Russia 4th >>
Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia 1st
Jaipur, India
******, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand 1st
Guilin, China 3rd
Beijing, China 2nd/2nd
(Double Leg)
Maui, Hawaii
Average Placing: 2.82


Margie & Luke - Amazing RaceLEG 1
-Took the first flight to Switzerland, landing in Zurich where they took a train into Locarno.
-Got in 3rd for the 7.15am departure time.
-Depart at 7.15am
-Reach the roadblock 3rd.
-Luke did the roadblock.
-Took a train to the cheese challenge.
-Arrived 2nd at the cheese task.
-Struggled with the challenge a little but were much faster as compared to the other teams.
-Finished the cheese task in first place.
-Margie is more successful in the search of the yodellers and in a close foot race,they came in first!
[Untitled]LEG 7
-Started the Leg in 4th Place
-Was on the Frist Flight to ******, Thailand
-The 5th team to arrive and depart at ****** Zoo
-The 4th team to leave the Herb Shop
-Chose to do "100 Barrels" as their Detour choice but had trouble finding the location.
-They switched to the 2 Miles "Detour"
-Got connection Problems at the Detour Allowing Margie to do the pulling.
-Finished the Leg in 4th Place
-Margie fainted because of dehydration and fatigue
Margie & Luke - Amazing RaceLEG 2
-Started the Leg in 1st Place.
-Were on the first flight to Germany which departed at 7:10am.
-Were on the second cable car
-Arrived in 4th place at the Roadblock.
-Margie performed the Roadblock but she was the third person that decided to run down the hill instead because of the strong wind.
-Margie finished the Roadblock in 2nd placed, passing Kris.
-Chose to do "Austian Folly" as their Detour.
-Had trouble finding the pie with the cherry centre.
-Finished the Detour in 4th place.
-Finished the Leg in 4th place.
Margie & Luke - Amazing RaceLEG 8
-Started the Leg in 4th Place
-Were on the same flight to Bangkok, with the rest of the teams
-Left the airport in 2nd Place
-Passed Kisha/Jen along the way
-Arrived at the Roadblock in 1st Place
-Margie did the Roadblock.
-Left the Roadblock in 1st Place
-Arrived at the Detour in 1st Place
-Chose to do "Broken Teeth" as their Detour choice
-Luke have trouble fitting the local teeth.
-But they still managed to complete the Detour in 1st Place
-Finished the Leg in 1st Place
Margie & Luke - Amazing RaceLEG 3
-Started the Leg in 4th Place.
- Margie and Luke
got seats on the 4:45pm flight and boarded the plane.
-Margie & Luke
took the lead out of the airport and arrived at gymnasium in second place.
-Margie performed the Roadblock.
-Took the 6.30am train.
- Margie and Luke chose to do "Vampire Remains" as their Detour choice.
- Finished the Leg in 4th place.
LukeLEG 9
-Started the Leg in 1st Place.
-Luke preformed the Roadblock
-Got in a fight with Kisha & Jen
-Chose to do "Calligraphy" as their Detour choice.
-Finished the Leg in 3rd Place.
Margie & Luke - Amazing RaceLEG 4
-Started the Leg in 4th Place .
-Missed their connecting flight which put them at the back of the pack.
-Chose to do "Stack" as their Detour choice.
-Finished the Detour in fourth place.
-Decided to use the U-Turn on Amanda & Kris because they dubbed them as the "biggest threat" because they were strong and also want to give some time to Jaime & Cara to catch up.
- Arrived at the Roadblock in fourth place.
- Luke did the Roadblock.
- Managed to complete the bobsledding in one go.
- Luke didn't know Russian Literature so he had a though time dechipering the name of the author.
- Finished the Roadblock in fourth after many tries to figure out the name.
- Arrived at the Pit Stop in fourth place, surprised!!

Luke at the Roadblock on Leg 10/Part 1
LEG 10/Part 1
-Started the Leg in 3rd Place
-Luke preformed the Roadblock
-Luke shoved Jen Again
-Chose to do "Swim" as their Detour choice.
-Checked in the Pit Stop in 2nd Place, but this is a Double Leg.
Margie & Luke running to the Roadblock on Leg 5LEG 5
-Start the Leg in 4th Place
-Were on the same train with the 6 other teams
-Get off the train in 3rd Place
-Got a cab in 2nd Place
-Arrived at the Fetour in 2nd Place
-Chose to do "Russian Snowplow" as their Detour chocie.
-Were ditched by their alliance, Tammy & Victor, causing them to break the alliance
-Complete the Detour in 3rd Place
-Arrived at the Roadblock in 1st Place
-Luke did the roadblock
-Complete the Roadblock in 1st Place
-Arrived at the Pit Stop in 1st Place
Margie & Luke at the Beijing Opera Detour
LEG 10/Part 2
-Arrived at the Non-Pit Stop in 2nd Place, and recieved their next clue
-Chose "Beijing Opera" as their Detour choice.
-Finished the Detour in 3rd place
-Got lost when try to find the U-turn area.
-Was the 2nd team to get in the U-turn area and was happy to see Jen and Kisha being U-turned.
-Margie performed the Roadblock and finished 2nd.
-Arrived at the Pit Stop in 2nd Place, may have the chance to win $1,000,000.
Luke at the Shakers Detour on Leg 6LEG 6
-Departed the pitstop in first place
-Were on the same flight to Jaipur as all the other teams.
- On their way to the Sacred Tree, Luke was emotional about the poverty of India
-Were one of the 5 teams that arrived together at The Sacred Tree
-Looked for the clue, not understanding there was a phone
-Arrived at Amber Fort in fifth place.
-Margie preformed the Roadblock.
-Finished the Roadblock in fourth place.
-Chose the Shakers Detour.
-Finished the Detour in 5th place.
-Caught up to Jaime & Cara when Jaime & Cara's taxi parked very far away
-Checked into the pitstop in fourth place
Margie & Luke - Amazing RaceLEG 11
-Started the Leg in 2nd Place
-Were on the same flight with the other 2 teams
-Left the airport in 3rd Place
-Arrived at the beach in 3rd Place
-Passed Tammy & Victor and Jaime & Cara along the way
-Complete the pig task in 1st Place
-Arrived the jet ski in 1st Place
-Found the clue in 1st Place
-Arrived at the roadblock in 1st Place
-Luke did the Roadblock
-Did well with the first 9 surfboards, but struggled with finding the last 2 boards
-Were helped by Jaime and helped Jaime with the Leg 1 surfboard
-Complete the Roadblock in 3rd Place
-Finished the race in 3rd Place!



    • They communicate through sign language, something other teams do not know. The other teams would not have a clue as to what they are saying.
    • They are very loving and get along well.


    • Luke is deaf.

    Good Situation

    • Won Leg 1.
    • Finished in the top 4 for the entire race
    • Used the U-Turn on Leg 4
    • Won 3 Legs after Leg 8
    • Never fell before 4th place
    Bad Situation

    • Margie fainted on Leg 7
    • Got in a fight with Kisha & Jen on Leg 9
    • Got ditched by Tammy & Victor on leg 5
    • Jaime & Cara
    • Kisha & Jen
    Advice to the Team

    Memorable Moments

    • U-Turned Amanda & Kris to protect their allies, Jaime & Cara
    • Luke stumbled twice on hill on Leg 1 and Leg 3
    • Luke taking off his Shorts at the Roadblock on Leg 11

    Memorable Quotes

    Episode 14-01: Don't Let a Cheese Hit Me

    Luke: "The thing that I am worried about, my mum might be really far behind me, make sure she stays with me".
    Margie: "So I am a old slow person."

    Luke: "No....."

    Episode 14-02:Your Target Is Your Partner's Face.
    Luke: "I know the cake thing would take forever, but what can I do? She's my mom."

    Episode 14-03: I'm Not Wearing a Girl's Leotard!
    Luke: “I’m not wearing that girl’s leotard!”

    Episode 14-04: It was like a Caravan of Idiots
    Luke: "Why is it have to be Russian, why is it not in English?"

    Episoe 14-05: She's a little scared of a stick,but i think she'll be OK!
    Luke: "I will do anything to win the race. The underpants? Ummm, I don't know, I just looked down because I am very embarrassed and doesn't want to see people looking at me.

    Episode 14-07: Gorilla?Gorilla??Gorilla???
    Margie: "I think I need some water"
      Episode 14-09: Our Parents Will Cry Themselves to Death
      Luke: *******

      Roadblock done:
      • Leg 1: Bungee Jumping off Verzasca Dam - Luke
      • Leg 2: Flying down Hill - Margie (Though she decied to run down the Hill)
      • Leg 3: Three gymnastic disciplines: balance beam, parallel bars, and floor exercises - Margie
      • Leg 4: Bobsled - Luke
      • Leg 5: Marathon - Luke
      • Leg 6: Feed and Collect water for Camel - Margie
      • Leg 7: N/A
      • Leg 8: Attach Propeller - Margie
      • Leg 9: Getting Birds to Retrieve 10 Fish - Luke
      • Leg 10/Part 1: Foot Massage - Luke
      • Leg 10/Part 2: Eat Chinese Food - Margie
      • Leg 11: Surfboard Memory Challenge - Luke
      Luke: 6
      Margie: 5

      Detours Done:

      Leg 1: N/A
      Leg 2: Austrian Folly
      Leg 3: Vampire Remains
      Leg 4: Stack
      Leg 5: Russian Snowplows
      Leg 6: Shakers
      Leg 7: 2 Miles
      Leg 8: Broken Teeth
      Leg 9: Calligraphy
      Leg 10/Part 1: Swim
      Leg 10/Part 2: Beijing Opera
      Leg 11: N/A

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        Season 14
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        Brian & Ericka

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