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Leg 1: (Spain) - The Amazing Race
This is Ibiza, Spain. This island is located in the Mediterranean Sea 79 km off the coast of Valencia. The island is well known for its summer club parties which attract large number of tourists. In this island, Platja d'en Bossa, from this wonderful resort located in the municipality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia 10 teams from different parts of the globe will embark on a race around the world for 1 million dollars. The 10 teams are:

*Renita & Spurti, best friends from Belgaum, India.
*Tomy & Lita, siblings from Samarina, Indonesia.
*Matt & Jess, dating couple from London, England.
*Adriana & Milana, soccer players from Rome, Italy.
*Diane & Byron, married 40 years from Adelaide, Australia.
*Kathryn & Stuart, married parents from Christchurch, New Zealand.
*Joey & Tracy, friends from Baltimore and Los Angeles, USA.
*Devin & Lindsey, friends from Portland and Provo, USA.
*Carla & Javier, engaged ballroom dancers from Rio, Brazil.
*Isabella & Rafael, dating web designers from Bogota, Colombia.
Good morning teams, it's 10 A.M and in a few minutes you will be starting the race of your lives. But first you must hear the rules:

The winner of this very first leg of the race will win the express pass! This tool will help you to skip any task that you think is too difficult, but you can only use it until leg 8. After then, you will lose it. If the team that has the Express Pass on its posession is eliminated, then the winner of the leg will get the Express Pass.

There are 12 legs on this race, 7 of these legs are elimination legs, so you better race fast or you will be eliminated!. The team that crosses the finish line first will win 1 million dollars! Everybody understand this?


Okay, so when a give you the signal you have to run to your bagpacks, read your first clue and begin this race around the world. Good luck, travel safe..... GO!!!
Teams open their first clue:
  • Choose one of the marked cars and drive yourself to the egg of Columbus in Saint Antoni. (EDIT)

  • Becareful, because one of the car will ran out of fuel (+15 minutes) and another one will need a replacement (+40 minutes)
1.Choose one of the routes from the Starting Line to the egg (9-12-15):
a)Avenida San José de la Talaia. - 9 minutes.
*Kathryn & Stuart
*Matt & Jess
*Joey & Tracy
*Diane & Byron
b)Avenida Pedro Matutes Noguera. - 12 minutes.
*Carla & Javier
*Tomy & Lita
*Isabella & Rafael
*Spurti & Renita
c)E-20. - 15 minutes.
*Adriana & Milana
*Devin & Lindsey

Leg 1: (Spain) - The Amazing Race
Leg 1: (Spain) - The Amazing Race
1. Adriana & Milana
2. Renita & Spurti +15 minutes
3.Joey & Tracy
4.Matt & Jess
5. Carla & Javier
6. Devin & Lindsey
7.Kathryn & Stuart
8.Tomy & Lita
9. Isabella & Rafael
10. Diane & Byron +40 minutes

Roadblock: Who knows the most about the discovery of America?
(This task takes 50 minutes; each wrong will add 10 minutes)
2.Send the name of the racer who perform this roadblock.

3.Answer the questions:
*What is the name of the treaty between Portugal and Spain to divide the lands?

*From which port Columbus started its journey?
*Which was the name of the three caravels?
*Who is the man in this picture?
Leg 1: (Spain) - The Amazing Race
*Which is the famous phrase this man said?
*Kathryn +40 minutes
*Matt +20 minutes
*Joey +40 minutes
*Javier +20 minutes
*Lita +20 minutes
*Isabella +20 minutes
*Lindsey +20 minutes
*Renita +10 minutes
*Byron +20 minutes
Drive yourself to the Golf de Ibiza, where you'll find your next clue.
4.Choose one of the routes from the egg to the golf club (25-28-30):
a)C-733 - 30 minutes.
*Kathryn & Stuart
*Joey & Tracy
b)PM-V-810-1 - 28 minutes.
*Matt & Jess
*Adriana & Milana
*Diane & Byron
*Devin & Lindsey
*Renita & Spurti
c)C-733 and PM-810 - 25 minutes.
*Carla & Javier
*Tomy & Lita
*Isabella & Rafael

5.Additional task: In this task, you need to answer questions related to Spanish golf. (This task takes 30 minutes, each wrong will add 10 minutes).
*Who won the Open de España in 2007?
*Who is the current champion of the Open de España?
*Who is this winner, and when did he won?

*Which spanish golfer was born on 16 february 1947?
*Adriana & Milana +10 minutes
*Matt & Jess +10 minutes
*Carla & Javier
*Tomy & Lita +10 minutes
*Isabella & Rafael +20 minutes
*Devin & Lindsey
*Renita & Spurti +20 minutes
*Kathryn & Stuart +10 minutes
*Joey & Tracy +20 minutes
*Diane & Byron +10 minutes
Drive yourself to the Puig de Missa. (From the golf club to the church is 10 minutes).
Detour: This may take from 2:10 to 3 hours depending on the task you choose; and each wrong question will add 10 minutes.
6.Choose task a) or b)
7.Send me the answers.

"Muslims in Spain or Catholicism in Spain"

a)Muslims in Spain - 2.10 minutes.
*What is al-Andalus?
*Which caliphate conquered Hispania between 711 and 718?
*Which muslim berber general died on 720?
*What happened on 2 January, 1492?
*Which is this important construction in Spain?
Leg 1: (Spain) - The Amazing Race
*Carla & Javier +20 minutes
*Adriana & Milana
*Tomy & Lita +10 minutes
*Renita & Spurti

b)Catholicism in Spain - 3 hours.
*How many people walked to Santiago de Compostela in 2007?
*What is the inquisition?
*When was christianized most of the Iberian Peninsula?
*Which cathedral is 97 m long and 22 m high?
*Which is this cathedral?
Leg 1: (Spain) - The Amazing Race
*Kathryn & Stuart
*Matt & Jess
*Diane & Byron
*Joey & Tracy +20 minutes
*Isabella & Rafael +10 minutes
*Devin & Lindsey +10 minutes
Make your way to the first Pit Stop: Ocean Drive Hotel. The last team to check in here may be eliminated.

8.Choose a route from the church to the hotel (20 - 25 mins.)
a)PM-810 - 25 minutes.
*Carla & Javier
*Matt & Jess
*Tomy & Lita
*Joey & Tracy
*Adriana & Milana
*Diane & Byron
*Isabella & Rafael
*Devin & Lindsey (he sent me choice C)
PM-810 and C-733 - 20 minutes.
*Kathryn & Stuart
*Renita & Spurti

Leg 1: (Spain) - The Amazing Race
Teams arrive at the Pit Stop in this order:
1st: Adriana & Milana - 14.58 P.M
2nd: Carla & Javier - 15.17 P.M
3rd: Tomy & Lita - 15.22 P.M
4th: Renita & Spurti - 15.45 P.M
5th: Matt & Jess - 16.02 P.M
6th: Kathryn & Stuart - 16.19 P.M
7th: Devin & Lindsey - 16.28 P.M
8th: Diane & Byron - 16.42 P.M
Isabella & Rafael - 16.42 P.M
10th: Joey & Tracy - 16.54 P.M - Non Elimination.

As the winner of this leg Adriana & Milana have won a trip for two to Puerto Varas, Chile and the Express Pass.

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