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Jonathan & Victoria - Amazing Race All-Stars

Married Entrepeneurs (Now Divorced Parents)
Jonathan: 42, Entrepeneur, Los Angeles, California
Victoria: 32, Pop Artist Painter/Model, Los Angeles, California
-Jonathan & Victoria are married entrepeneurs. They recently had a daughter named Trease. They've been on Reality Stars Fear Factor, where Jonathan fought with host Joe Rogan. As of January 2010, they were divorced.

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Jonathan & Victoria Photos
-The most explosive bickering team of all time.
-"I made an idiot outta myself!" - Jonathan
-"VICTORIAAA!!!!!!!" - Jonathan
-" I need to change my name to something else, I'm tired of hearing "VICTORIAAA"!" - Victoria
-"You're driving me too much! I'm gonna get a divorce!" - Jonathan
-"How hard can it be to make bratwaurst?" - Jonathan
-"We're about to find out." - Victoria
-"Oh please, I've seen Lucy do it on I Love Lucy. It can't be that hard!" - Jonathan
-"I never promised to leave you alone. That's why I married you." - Jonathan
-"This is a race. It isn't about compassion!!" - Jonathan
Lucky Situations:
-Were in the front of the pack for most of the race.

Jonathan & Victoria - Amazing Race
Unlucky Situations:
-Lost to Freddy & Kendra in a foot race for 1st place on Leg 5 and lost 1st place to Kris and Jon in Leg 2 and 4.
-Missed the Fast Forward on Leg 7.
-Misread their clue by taking only one donkey instead of two on Leg 8, leading to their elimination.
-Johnathan broke the ice sculpture of a cow in the ice bar.
-Victoria cut her hand in Ethiopia during the 'Mud the 'Hut' Detour.
Pit Stop Location
Ending Position
Grindavik, Iceland
Voss, Norway
Stockholm, Sweden
Goree Island, Senegal
Berlin, Germany
Budapest, Hungary
(Double Leg)
L'Ile-Rousse, Corsica, France
Lalibela, Ethiopia
Average Placing: 3.63

Eliminated in Ethiopia
Jonathan & Victoria - Amazing Race

Jonathan & Victoria - Amazing Race

-Leg 1: No Roadblock
-Leg 2: Ride zip line - Jonathan
-Leg 3: Hay bale roll - Victoria
-Leg 4: Salt harvest - Jonathan
-Leg 5: Soap box derby - Jonathan
-Leg 6.1: Hot rocket bungee - Victoria
-Leg 6.2: Eat spicy soup - Victoria
-Leg 7: Stomp grapes - Jonathan
-Leg 8: Match pendant - Victoria

Jonathan: 4
Victoria: 4
-Leg 1: Ice Search
-Leg 2: Accuracy
-Leg 3: Build It
-Leg 4: Stack 'Em Up
-Leg 5: Brats
-Leg 6.1: Cannonball Run
-Leg 6.2: Swim
-Leg 7: Fly Behind
-Leg 8: Mud the Hut

Preceded By: Charla & Mirna 6th Placer
Season 6
Suceeded By:
Brian & Greg

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davidkatz wife beater 8 Apr 14 2011, 4:03 PM EDT by davidkatz
Thread started: Jun 28 2010, 4:28 PM EDT  Watch
jonathan reminds of a wife beater due to the way he looks an acts. he shoved his wife wen they lost 1st place to freddy and kendra. he also always yells at his wife wenever she or HE messes up (its usually his fault). however i will say one thing in jonathan's defense. victoria shouldn't of taken the bag. jonathan was rite by suggesting to leave the bags on the ground. however he was a dick for shoving victoria
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TAR_Survivor Fear Factor 6 Sep 11 2010, 4:38 PM EDT by Brallition06
Thread started: Jan 26 2010, 10:11 PM EST  Watch
Did anybody watch when Jonathon and Victoria were on fear factor I found it hilarious she was like to scared to go in with the alligator or something and jonathon is like GO IN VICTORIA! VICTORIA YOU IDIOT!

and he was shouting at her and afterwards the host was like you shouldnt shout at your wife that way and Jonathon was like you cant tell me what to do and he was about to like punch him and the other contestants had to hold him back

It was funny to watch they are a crazy team. Jonathon is the angriest person I think thats ever been on the race and Victoria is such a complainer
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TAR_Survivor Divorced! (page: 1 2) 26 Sep 9 2010, 3:01 PM EDT by davidkatz
Thread started: Jan 29 2010, 3:54 PM EST  Watch
I read on wikipedia that Jonathon and Victoria got divorced in January 2010 is this true?
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