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Herbert & Nathaniel - Amazing Race

Relationship: Harlem Globetrotters



Harlem Globetrotter

Brinkley Art, New Orleans
Age: 28

Harlem Globetrotter

Brinkley Art, New Orleans

Team Bio

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Pit Stop Location
Ending Position
Starting Line
Los Angeles, California (Licence Plate Task)
Tokyo, Japan 5th
Cai Be, Vietnam 3rd
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Dubai, UAE
Dubai, UAE
The Nertherlands
Tallinn, Estonia
Czech Republic
Czech Republic
Average Placing: 3.09


Add an imageLEG 1
- They were able to make it on the first flight after taken the correct license plate.
- Big Easy performed the Roadblock of eating sushi
-arrived at the pitstop in 5th place

Add an imageLEG 7
:Started the leg in 6th Place.
Were saved by the mid night flight to amsterdam.
Arrived at the monument in 3rd Place.
Arrived at the MartiniToren in 3rd Place.
Finished the roadblock in 5th Place.
Reached the detour in 5th Place.
Finished the Detour in 3rd Place/
Arrived at the pit stop in 3rd place
Add an imageLEG 2
:- depart in 5th place
-Flight Time performed the Roadblock
- arrived at the pitstop in 2nd place
Add an imageLEG 8
Add an imageLEG 3
-started the leg in 3rd place
-arrived first at golden dragon puppet threater
-arrived 1st at main post office; Detorur task
-chosen do Child's Play
- arrived at the Roadblock site in first place.
- Flight time did the Roadblock
-reached the mat in 1st place
-won trip to Aruba
Add an imageLEG 9
Add an imageLEG 4
Add an imageLEG 10
-Started the leg in 3rd Place
-Were on the same flight to Prague with the rest of the teams
-Arrived at the Old Town Square in 3rd Place
-Arrived at the detour in 3rd Place
-Choose "Slow & Steady" as their Detour Choice
-Flight Time have a easy time on the detour which allow him only to pass Meghan & Cheyne
-Big Easy was heavy and have a hard time in the detour
-Flight Time delayed Meghan & Cheyne and take his time to go down
-Meghan & Cheyne still pass them,completing the detour in 2nd Place
-Worked with Meghan & Cheyne on getting to Theatre
-Cheyne saw a cab and ditch them to wait for the train
-Arrived at the theatre in 2nd Place
-Big Easy did the roadblock
-Struggled to find the mandolin
-Got it wrong a few time
-Complete the roadblock in 3rd Place
-Caught up with the brothers
-Were in the footrace with the brothers
-Check in in 3rd Place!
Add an imageLEG 5
Started the leg in 3rd place.
On the same flight with everybody.
Signed up for the 2nd shuttle to the 124th floor of the burj dubai.
Reached the desert in 6th place.
Finished the roadblock in 6th place
Reached the Ski Dubai in 6th place
Finished the detour in 3rd place
Reached the pit stop in 3rd place!
Flight Time & Big Easy - The Amazing Race
LEG 11
-Started the leg in 3rd Place
-Arrived at the Spanish Synagogue in 3rd Place
-Arrived at the roadblock in 3rd Place
-Big Easy choose to do the roadblock
-Caught up to Dan whether he found the 5 letters
-Were neck to neck with Dan
-Struggled through the roadblock
-Worked with Dan in the roadblock
-Got a few times wrong in the roadblock
-When Dan got it right,he refuse to give Big Easy the answer,allowing him to struggled even more
-Brian caught up Big Easy
-Still struggled through the roadblock
-When Brian got it right,he decided to go for the 4 hours penalty
-Allowing his team to fall to last place
-After their 4 hour penalty,got their clue in Last Place
-Arrived at the Kyrocentrum in Last Place
-Were directly ask them to go to pit stop
-Check in to the pit stop in Last Place and were eliminated.
Add an imageLEG 6
:Started the leg in 3rd place.
Reached the Dubai Creek in 4th place
Big Easy performed the roadblock. Struggled to guess the code.
Finished the roadblock in Last Place.
Reached the Abra Station in Last Place.
Finished the Detour in Last Place.
Mika was scared to go down the slide, giving flight time and big easy a step up.
Barely survived to the pit stop in 6th Place.



    • They are both strong
    • They are always very calm
    • Enjoy the Race
    • Good teamwork
    • Very funny


    • Very dumb at times
    • Too easy to stab in the back
    • No common sense at all

    • Leg 1: Eat wasabi bomb - Big Easy
    • Leg 2: Herd ducks - Flight Time
    • Leg 3: Disassemble and organize VCRs - Flight Time
    • Leg 4: Monkey dance - Flight Time
    • Leg 5: Search for water - Big Easy
    • Leg 6: Row boat/crack the code - Big Easy
    • Leg 7: Count bells - Flight Time
    • Leg 8: Search hay bales - Big Easy
    • Leg 9: Find words in a blank scroll using candle - Flight Time
    • Leg 10: Find Malion - Big Easy
    • Leg 11: Telephones - Big Easy - was unable to complete the Roadblock and took a 4 hour penalty
    Flight Time: 5
    Big Easy: 6
    • Leg 1: N/A
    • Leg 2: N/A
    • Leg 3: Child's Play
    • Leg 4: Wrap
    • Leg 5: Find a Snowman
    • Leg 6: Gold
    • Leg 7: Farmer's Dance
    • Leg 8: Nobel Dynamite
    • Leg 9: Serve
    • Leg 10: Slow & Steady
    • Leg 11: Because they were so far behind they were sent to the Pit Stop before they reached the Detour, thus being eliminated without completing the Detour
    Memorable Quotes

    Flight Time: "They thought Godzilla was walking down the street."

    Big Easy:
    "I would love to say that they wanted to help us out because of our good looks, but i mean, I'm 6'9", he's 6'4"..."
    Flight Time: "6'9" and UGLY, while I'm 6'3", and good looking, so..."
    Big Easy: "Yeah. He knows."

    Big Easy: "She tried to run from me! That's cold blooded! She broke out running, Flight!"

    Flight Time: "Do it for the hood!"
    Big Easy: "For the hood, baby!"

    Big Easy: "Talking about doing it for the hood, well the hood's mad at me now! The hood's saying 'What the hell is he doing? Read the watch! Read the watch, dummy!'"

    Flight Time: "I don't wanna talk about it! Get the camera out of my face! But did you see me getting down, though? Did you see me getting down?"

    Big Easy: "You hurt our feelings. Now we're about to blow y'all up."

    Big Easy: If it was the final leg, I think we'd have to run through the guys."

    Flight Time: "I haven't seen Big Easy for five minutes. Somebody call the paramedics!"

    Flight Time: "Oh, where am I? BIG EASY!"

    Big Easy: "I killed about four trees."
    Big Easy: We cant even stop to drink water. If you are thirsty drink your sweat

    Memorable Moments

    • Beating Meghan & Cheyne in a footrace for 1ST PLACE to the Pit Stop in Leg 3
    • Overtaking Mika & Canaan at the Leap of Faith to barely avoid elimination in Leg 6
    • Flight Time wearing a female outfit in Amsterdam in Leg 7
    • Flight Time & Big Easy dancing with each other in Amsterdam in Leg 7
    • Taking 1ST PLACE on Flight Time's birthday in Leg 8
    • Footrace to the Pit Stop against Sam & Dan in Leg 9
    • Flight Time serenading in Leg 10
    • Big Easy being betrayed by Dan and subsequently giving up on the Roadblock in Leg 11
    • Look back at Flight Time & Big Easy's race in Leg 11

    Advice to the Team

      • Have some common sense! 9:35 on the clock obviously means the password is 935!

      Preceded By: Kisha & Jen 4th Placer
      Season 15
      Succeeded By:
      Louie & Michael

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