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Chip And Kim
Married Parents
Chip: 46, Owner of Web Company, Coto De Caza, California
Kim: 44, Owner of Recruit Company, Coto De Caza, California
Bio: Chip & Kim are married parents from Texas. They spend 24 hours a day together since they work at home. They have been married for over 25 years.

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Chip & Kim Photos
-The oldest Team to win the Race.
-The first Team to ever use the Yield in the Amazing Race.
-The first team to use a Yield and win the race.
-Chip did 11 Roadblocks compared to Kim's 1, tying the record with Brandon and Nicole (mostly done by Brandon)!
-The first African-American team to win the Race.
-First team to win the Race without using the Fast Forward.
Chip & Kim - Amazing Race All-Stars
Chip:"Bringing up the rear again!"
Kim: "It's a roadblock. You're gonna do it, right?"
Chip: "Uh...what is it?"
Kim: "You gonna do it regardless. Who's ready for a wild ride? You are."
Chip: "It's on like donkey kong now baby."
Chip: "Just chillin' like a villian."
Kim: "Hurry up babe, hurry, hurry, hurry!!!"
Lucky Situations:
-Won a total of 4 legs including the final leg that won them $1 million.
-Got on the fastest flight from Calgary to Dallas in the final leg.
Unlucky Situations:
-Didn't pick up a clue in Leg 1 and instead of checking in at the Pit Stop in first place, they had to go back and get the clue dropping them to 8th.
Betrayed their friends Colin & Christie after they yielding them to stab them in the
-Thinking that Linda/Karen were behind them, they played a trick on Kami/Karli by pretending to use the Yield but they decided not to use it.
Pit Stop Location
Ending Position
Punta Ballena, Uruguay
8th Place
San Antonio de Areco, Argentina
8th Place
San Carlos De Bariloche, Argentina
7th Place
Pushkin, Russia
1st Place
Cairo, Egypt
4th Place
Luxor, Egypt
2nd Place
Lake Manyara, Tanzania
1st Place
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
3rd Place
Kolkata, India
2nd Place
Paengaroa, New Zealand
4th Place
Manila, Philippines
1st Place>
El Nido, Philippines
2nd Place
Dallas, Texas, USA
Average Placing: 3.38


Leg 1: No Roadblock
Leg 2: Grab Ribbon off Cow-Chip
Leg 3: Find White Chocolate Center-Chip
Leg 4: Eat 2lbs. of Caviar-Chip
Leg 5: Climb Down Osiris Shaft/Find Satchel-Chip
Leg 6: Dig for Stone Scarab-Kim
Leg 7: Eat Ostrich Egg-Chip
Leg 8: Roadblock Not Shown
Leg 9: Make 20 Mud Bricks-Chip
Leg 10: Ride in Zorb-Chip
Leg 11: Climb Auckland Harbor Bridge-Chip
Leg 12: Ascend 150 Foot Cliff-Chip
Leg 13: Roadblock Not Shown

Chip: 9
Kim: 1
Chip & Kim - Amazing Race
Chip & Kim - Amazing Race
Chip & Kim - Amazing Race All-Stars

-Leg 1: Chips
-Leg 2: Tango
-Leg 3: Smooth Sailing
-Leg 4: Drink 1 Shot
-Leg 5: Rock & Roll
-Leg 6: Herd It
-Leg 7: Busy
-Leg 8: Off Road
-Leg 9: Heavy but Short
-Leg 10: Clean
-Leg 11: Plow
-Leg 12: Search for a clue in 1 of 4 giant clams (not indicated as a Detour)
-Leg 13: Slide

Preceded By: Reichen & Chip Winner
Season 5
Succeeded By:
Freddy & Kendra

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I feel very blessed for them to win the race
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davidkatz nice guys finish first 0 Jun 27 2010, 8:26 PM EDT by davidkatz
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i love chip and kim. they never argued and they really enjoyed the race. they were helpful to other teams and used good strategy to win the race
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