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  • First season to have three teams quit the second Roadblock on leg 1.
  • First season to introduce the "Double Express Pass" twist — one Express Pass for the team to keep, and the other to give away.
  • Second consecutive season where the first leg has two Roadblocks, and each team member had to do one.
  • Second consecutive season to visit Indonesia.
  • Third season to have the Switchback.
  • Dave & Connor are the first team to use the Express Pass the same leg they receive it.
  • Dave & Connor are the first team to win a leg on crutches.
  • John & Jessica are the first team to be eliminated with an Express Pass still in hand.
  • Joey & Meghan are the first team to be U-Turned twice in the same season
Good Situations:
  • John & Jessica winning the first leg.
  • Max & Katie and Caroline & Jennifer were able to make up with the lost time from last leg, allowing them to advance to 7th and 8th.
  • Bates & Anthony winning the second leg.
  • Dave & Connor were able to win the third and fourth leg due to an Express Pass being given by John & Jessica, and despite Dave wearing crutches.
Bad Situations:
  • Max & Katie persuading Caroline & Jennifer and Matt & Daniel to quit the Roadblock.
  • Matt & Daniel became the first team to be eliminated.
  • Max & Katie and Caroline & Jennifer had to wait four hours before departing from the pit stop due to quitting the Roadblock from last leg.
  • Dave rupturing his Archilles tendon on the way to the second pit stop.
  • Idries & Jamil struggled with the second leg Detour, causing them to be eliminated.
  • Pam & Winnie were lost at sea, causing them to fall behind.
  • John having a firm grip on the fourth leg, causing them to be eliminated.
  • Dave & Connor were forced to quit the race on the fifth leg.

Amazing Race: Season 20 - The Amazing RaceAmazing Race: Season 20 - The Amazing Race
Final Placing
1st Place - Bates & Anthony
2nd Place - Max & Katie
3rd Place - Mona & Beth

4th Place - Caroline & Jennifer
5th Place - Joey & Meghan
6th Place - Chuck & Wynona
7th Place - Pam & Winnie
8th Place - Dave & Connor
9th Place - John & Jessica
10th Place - Idries & Jamil
11th Place - Matt & Daniel

Leg 1: John & Jessica — Two Express Passes, one to keep, the other to give away
Leg 2: Bates & Anthony - A trip for two to London
Leg 3: Dave & Connor - A trip for two to Bangkok
Leg 4: Dave & Connor - $5,000 each
Leg 5:
Pam & Winnie - A ski trip for two to Whistler
Leg 6: Bates & Anthony - A trip for two to ******
Leg 7: Bates & Anthony - $7,500 each
Leg 8: Bates & Anthony - A trip for two to Bora Bora
Leg 9: Max & Katie - A 2013 Ford Fusion for each team member
Leg 10: Max & Katie - $10,000 each
Leg 11: Max & Katie - A trip for two to the Dominican Republic
Leg 12: Bates & Anthony - US$1,000,000

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Brallition06 Liked and Hated Teams 2 Nov 9 2013, 11:37 PM EST by leonardofelix__
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This site was closed down during this season so we never got to learn who people liked and hated

Favorite: Mona & Beth, Dave & Connor
Like: Joey & Meghan, Bates & Anthony
Average: Matt & Daniel, Pam & Winnie, Caroline & Jennifer
Disliked: Idries & Jamil, Jessica & John, Chuck & Wynona
Hated: Max & Katie
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therealdavo Renewals 1 Jan 13 2013, 8:29 PM EST by totiezz
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So glad the show is getting a twenty-second season. I am just as happy that The Amazing Race Canada is getting made. Hopefully, if the show gets a second season, I can join it.
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taz33484 new season 0 Jan 12 2013, 1:40 AM EST by taz33484
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i am new game not know season
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